Basic Steps Involved in Mold Testing and Mold Removal in Mount Prospect


Basic Steps Involved in Mold Testing and Mold Removal in Mount Prospect

Mold remediation is a vital service that is needed to help protect your property as well as your health.

Initially, mold can often go unnoticed. But it can spread quickly, even when hidden, and the extent of damage to the structure and foundation of your property can be drastic.

What’s more, mold can cause a number of health symptoms and illnesses. These could vary from runny nose, dry eyes, itching skin, scratchy throat and cough to more severe ailments in the form of neurological damage and even death.

Due to the above fact, it’s always best to contact a company specializing in mold remediation services that will take the necessary steps as outlined below to eradicate mold from your property.

Here are the basic steps involved in mold remediation in Mount Prospect, Illinois:

1. Assessment

The first step in the mold removal process is mold assessment. Often times, this could be a simple process of doing a visual inspection to confirm the presence of mold. At other times, if the mold is hidden, it might need more invasive techniques such as removing sections of walls and carpet to gauge the extent of contamination.

2. Sampling and Mold Testing in Mount Prospect

Although this step is not absolutely essential, it may be required to sample the mold if the residents are experiencing breathing difficulties and other health problems. This helps in identifying the type of mold and the extent of the risk.

3. Reduce Humidity

Mold growth is caused by the presence of damp and moist conditions. Mold actually requires wet surfaces to thrive and spread. Once a mold spore comes in contact with a porous wet surface, it will settle and begin multiplying within a day.

This makes it essential for the Mount Prospect mold removal company to find the source of water and take steps to eliminate water leaks and seepage inside the house.

4. Disposal

The company will first dispose of any items that cannot be repaired. This is essential to ensure that all household items such as pillows, mattresses and even drywall are free of any mold spores, and that the entire area is completely free of any contamination.

5. Drying and Cleaning

Once the water leak and seepage issues have been fixed, the next step is to dry the area so that no mold spore is able to spread. However, it is also important to ensure that the mold colony is not disturbed, as this could allow the spores to re-enter the atmosphere.

6. HVAC Cleaning

The mold spores could also have entered air ducts and vents, which could soon circulate inside the entire house again. Therefore, mold remediation companies will provide this additional service to help you clean these areas of your home as well.

7. Restoration and Repair

Some mold remediation companies offer additional services such as retiling, repainting, fabric restoration or carpet installation services. This will ensure that you are able to return back to your home to live a normal life as soon as possible.

8. Consultation

After the completion of services, most professional mold removal companies will debrief and provide advice to prevent future re-occurrence of the incident. These tips could include:

  • Using a dehumidifier in the home
  • Appropriate settings for HVAC unit
  • Gutter clearing and prevention of water pooling
  • Proper Insulation
  • Ventilation of bathrooms and other rooms

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