Is it Safe to Handle Asbestos on Your Own in Evergreen Park?


Is it Safe to Handle Asbestos on Your Own in Evergreen Park?

In spite of the fact that a few regulations may allow you to handle asbestos on your property, it is best that you hire a licensed Evergreen Park asbestos removal company to do the job for you. Asbestos work must be done so that there is a minimal release of dust, particles, or fibers from the material.

If you live in Evergreen Park, and if you are a handyman who wants to take up asbestos removal as a project, here are some of the things you should be aware of:

1. Asbestos Regulations

In case you’re not aware, there are regulations and laws that dictate which types of properties can have their asbestos removal by an individual, and what qualifications they need to possess before they begin work. For commercial buildings, you have to be a certified asbestos removal company before you begin the project. Therefore, without proper license and training, you are not legally allowed to remove asbestos yourself.

On the other hand, for residential properties, there are no governing federal regulations. This means that you could legally remove asbestos from your home, even without a license.

2. Removal Procedures

If you do want to go ahead and remove asbestos on your own, you will need to:

  1. a) Prepare the Area
  • Let friends, family, and neighbors know about your work and ask them not to come close to the work area
  • Move any furniture or belongings away from the area
  • Close doors and windows
  • Seal vents and other places where dust could get in
  • Use plastic sheets and tape to seal off the work area
  • Cover all heating and air conditioning outlets and vents
  1. b) Work Safely
  • Use personal protection equipment, including a dust mask or ventilator
  • Do not use any power tools
  • Avoid cutting or drilling directly into asbestos products
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the work area
  • Do not water blast or scrub the area with a brush or broom
  1. c) Clean Up Correctly
  • Do not leave old sheets of asbestos out in the open
  • Do not use household vacuum cleaners
  • Avoid dry sweeping or any stirring that can raise dust
  • Transport all waste in a leak-proof covered vehicle
  • Dispose of the asbestos waste where it is legally permitted to dump it


3. Risks of DIY Asbestos Removal

Mostly, asbestos exposure is directly linked to lung infections. Asbestos particles, over time, can cause harmful damage to the lungs.

On the milder side, asbestos exposure can cause asbestosis or pleural effusion. Asbestosis causes shortness of breath, severe cough, and discomfort in breathing. Pleural infusion causes the lungs to accumulate fluid buildup and is diagnosed with the same symptoms as asbestosis.

On the extreme side, asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer. Both are diagnosed as respiratory problems and have similar symptoms such as severe cough and breathing discomfort, but they are much more likely to be fatal.

Miniscule asbestos fibers can even be carried into the bloodstream, causing blockages in the arteries and leading to complications of the heart. Medical research has linked excessive asbestos exposure over a period of time to arterial blockage, leading to an increased risk of stroke.

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